Friday, 17 October 2014

Word of the Week - Lost

Posted by Rosie

The Reading Residence



adjective - unable to be found

This has been the week of the lost things. 

1. Car Keys

On Monday I went to take the boys up to the bus stop only to find that neither car key was on the key hooks.  Frantic searching drew a blank.  Time to get them to the bus stop on time came and went. Time to get them to school on time, if I drove there like the clappers, came and went.  More frantic searching was not fruitful.  Panic levels began to rise especially as Simon was in the UK and I was basically stuck here at Eco-Gites with no transport.  Eventually, after a couple of frantic (I know - over-use of the word frantic but needs must) phone calls another Mum kindly drove the boys to school and I set about wondering where on earth they could be.  

I knew both sets were in the car when I moved it off the gite parking area a couple of hours before gite guests were due to arrive and shortly before TAKING THE DOGS FOR A WALK. My only thought was they must have dropped out of my pocket on the walk .... and whilst it was not a long walk it was far enough and also through some areas of long grass.  Finding a couple of keys, one on a black loop and the other a brown leather key fob would prove exceedingly difficult.  I donned my boots and was just toying with the idea of searching out the metal detector when I had a light bulb moment.  When I moved the car I had just finished baking the cake to go in the welcome box for gite guests.  And there the keys were.  No - not in the cake but in the pocket of my apron!

** PHEW **

Having read this article on the cost of replacement keys I am VERY glad I found them but unlike for this cow, Google was absolutely no help at all in this crisis!


2.  Important Paperwork

Simon asked if I would make an important phone call for him with regard to his business.  Of course I would if only I could find the sheet of paper he had given me that had all the important information, phone number and codes I needed for said phone call.  Several more frantic (sorry) hours of searching and I did eventually find the the missing sheet, paper-clipped between 2 bills I had paid earlier and filed neatly on Simon's desk.

** PHEW **

3.  The dog

It's OK - don't panic, she's back ... and in big trouble.  TWICE this week Saari has waited for me to turn my back and then headed off into the maize fields. She goes in to pinch a maize cob which she finds very tasty, only I think that as soon as she gets into the maize she gets sidetracked with interesting smells etc etc and "forgets" to come back out for a couple of hours.  Thank goodness she did come back both times (she will be on the lead tomorrow) and I have to be grateful, I suppose, that this was not the reason for the lost car keys on Monday ...

Definitely a week of lost things ... although in a way maybe I should also be grateful to Saari, being the third thing I lost this week.  Otherwise who knows what else I might have lost?  Weight would have been good but I suspect my mind might have been more likely!!

What's the worst thing you've lost recently?


  1. I'm terrible for misplacing things, namely my keys and my bank cards. If I haven't misplaced them, the kids often hide things too so I'm often searching my house like a mad woman for something we can't find x

  2. Oh dear - sounds a frantic (sorry :) ) week, but glad everything turned up and thankfully not in the dog!

  3. An opportunity to earn much needed money. I backed out cuz I dont have confidence. I lost that too. #wotw

  4. I've left the house wide open, twice. Not juts on the latch either, but swinging open! And my husband has done it once, so I'm hoping this is our ;three things'! Sounds like quite a week-I do hope it calms down a little for you x

  5. Glad you found everything that you lost this week. As for me, I've lost the battery-pack of my camera. I just can't find it! I'm still hoping it will turn up, don't really want to buy a replacement pack, because it's costs too much. I'm going to turn the house upside-down again for the nth time, hoping it will turn up somewhere. If not, sigh. I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and order a new pack. #wotw.

  6. So annoying for you! But yes, it could just have easily have been your mind...! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  7. I hate loosing thins and cannot settle unitl they are found. I am pleased to found everything x #WotW

  8. Oh my, I hate losing anything, I'm rubbish at looking for things and get really stressed out. The weirdest thing I lost was a can of furniture polish when I went to answer the phone halfway through polishing in my living room, I got back to find the can gone and never found it..very strange!

  9. I'm glad everything was found....
    I've actually not lost anything lately.....I did nearly leave my bank card in a shop this morning after paying for