Monday, 4 February 2019

Going Green #24 - Feb 2019

Welcome to Going Green.  This is the place to promote all your green, sustainable, environmental, seasonal, local, organic, fair trade, ethical etc posts ... basically any post that helps or inspires readers to preserve and improve our beautiful world.  If you are not sure what subjects would be good or need some ideas have a look here where you'll find all the details about the linky >>> Going Green Linky.

What an amazing link up January's Going Green was!

Wow - I think the January #GoingGreen had the greatest range of posts to dates and just shows how we can make easily make everything in our lives more green.  Topics covered included:

Veganuary, flying, green goals for 2019, plastic, Valentine's Day, waste, home deodorizing, Nature and kids, Dubai, sustainability, home-made and upcycled gifts and decorations, simple living, make-up removal and shoes!!

I believe a few of you might have had difficulties linking up since InLinkz who I use for the linky have upgraded. I know I couldn't access the linky from my tablet so maybe you had problems from a phone or tablet. If so let me know and I can both help link you up and pass any problems over to InLinkz.

6 easy ways to live more sustainably from a Green and Rosie Life

Images from:

My picks from Going Green Jan 2018

Well you don't make my job of choosing favourites any easier do you, with so many inspiring blogs linked up?!  So this time I'm going for a mix of those bloggers who commented on most other blogs and those which really resonated with me.  You'll always stand a better chance of being picked of you comment on plenty of others and if you add the hashtag #GoingGreenit's easier for me to see you, especially as some of you use different names when commenting!

Green lterntaive to cotton wool make up removal pads
Image from Time to Craft

Reducing plastic use in Dubai
Image from Chicken Ruby

  • and finally Dean's post about simple living on Little Steps really summed up to me how we should all be living our lives.
Go green - live a simple life
Image from Little Steps

A special mention also goes to Isabel from Sustainable Responsible Living who came a very close third in the commenting race with her blog post post challenging us to a Plastic Detox.

Please do head over and read these if you missed them last link up - they are all great posts.

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Saturday, 2 February 2019

Let's Create A Sharing World

It really isn't that long ago that we had so much less stuff - we had less gadgets, fewer clothes, minimal (if any) technology and what we did own we used well and kept for a long time   Fast forward to today and I think it would be fair to say that many of us own a good number of things that we rarely use. Now imagine how many of these rarely used things are filling up houses and gardens across the country/world?  Do we really all need to be buying all our own things when we could share so many things with friends and neighbours.  

Sharing is a sustainable way to allow us to still make use all the things we have got used to having but without each of us owning everything: it has such a positive effect on the environment. Sharing means:

  • Fewer raw materials used and less energy needed to produce fewer goods.
  • Less transport of good.
  • Less packaging.
  • Fewer resources ending up in landfill.
  • Money saving ... one of the reasons people state for not making some greener choices is cost. Sharing releases up finances.
  • Building communities. Stronger communities are more likely to want to save their local environment, working together to achieve this.

    Let's make a sharing world

    Friday, 25 January 2019

    Think beyond Plastic - take green living to the next level

    On Instagram I follow lots of eco-friendly accounts and see my fair share of images advising what we can do to help reduce plastic etc and reduce our impact on the environment.  You know the sort of thing - say no to straws, take your own coffee cup/water bottle, grow some veg etc. and it's great to see so many people shouting this message out.  If you've got all these ideas firmly into your routine that's fabulous but now is not the time to rest on your green laurels.  Now is the time to take Green Living to the next level with these 3 steps.

    3 Steps to Take Green Living to the Next Level

    Make do and Make your own

    When did you last get a new mobile, TV or other electronic device? Did you really need it or were you tempted by the new iphone whatever number they are up to and all the new stuff it could apparently do?  Advertisers are great at their jobs and we grab their new goods at an alarming rate leaving a large carbon footprint behind us.  Maybe your old phone was a bit slower than the newer one but you didn't think that when you first bought it.  Bottom line - we buy so much new stuff that is totally unnecessary.

    It would also seem that we have lost the ability to mend anything and just chick it out and buy new.  I say get out that sewing kit, patch up what-ever is broken and be proud of keeping your items in working order for years. Make mending things trendy! 

    We also buy presents for people because we feel we need to but ask any teacher and they'll tell you how many cute mugs they have or how much chocolate. I am sure many would be just as happy with a hand-made card.

    Talking of "themed" presents this might be the most appalling idea I have ever seen, a shop selling a plastic heart filled with NOTHING, marketed as The Gift of Nothing for Valentine's Day. It is an awful idea and so wasteful ... but I have to admit the sentiment is right.  Do we really need to be buying our loved ones expensive gifts, flowers flown in from the other side of the world, over-packaged chocolates and cards?  Why not offer a romantic experience instead: a nice meal, romantic walk, trip to the theatre etc but not a plastic heart filled with nothing.

    When giving the gift of nothing isn't good for the environment
    Image from the BBC

    Friday, 18 January 2019

    Naked or Plastic-wrapped - Which is the Better Swede?

    In my previous post I wrote about the importance of contacting supermarkets (and other businesses) by social media if you refuse to buy something they stock on environmental grounds.  True to my word I tweeted to Tesco about the plastic wrapped swedes I saw in their Ruxley Corner store at the weekend.  And this is how the conversation proceeded.

    Plastic wrapped and unwrapped swedes - which is better?

    Wednesday, 16 January 2019

    Use social media to tell supermarkets we want change

    Sometimes I am sure you have all had that feeling that your efforts to reduce your impact on the environment via your shopping choices just don't make any significant difference.  Will buying one less plastic wrapped swede from a large supermarket chain actually make any significant difference to global plastic pollution levels?  Will the supermarket even notice?  

    Does it make any difference?

    ** Every piece of single use plastic rejected is one less piece of plastic 
    ending up in landfill or escaping to become pollution **

    Will the supermarket even notice?

    This may well be a no ... unless you let them know. And if you let them know publicly via social media it can have far more of an impact.  You will be ensuring the supermarket is aware of practices you want them to change and your message will get to a larger number of other customers. It is the ripple effect in action.  You may find you only get a standard corporate answer or you may get a more personalised reply. Either way the supermarket knows your views and the more people that contact them the more likely they are to implement change.  I have just tweeted this and tagged Tesco because nobody needs plastic wrapped swedes.  I am waiting to see their response.

    Tweeting against plastic wrapped swedes

    To make contacting the main UK supermarkets even easier for you, here are links to their social media accounts. You can then either write/comment on their pages or tag them in your own posts.  And remember, it's not just the negative stuff - give them a shout-out when they make positive environmental changes too.

    Monday, 7 January 2019

    Going Green #23 - Jan 2019

    Welcome to Going Green.  This is the place to promote all your green, sustainable, environmental, seasonal, local, organic, fair trade, ethical etc posts ... basically any post that helps or inspires readers to preserve and improve our beautiful world.  If you are not sure what subjects would be good or need some ideas have a look here where you'll find all the details about the linky >>> Going Green Linky.

    Green Goals for 2019

    I am sure lots of you are busy thinking up and acting on your New Year's Resolutions and I am hopeful to see some green inspired ones in blogs linking up to GoingGreen. I have to admit, though that I am not really a New Year's Resolutions person but I have linked up some Green Goals I am hoping to achieve in 2019.

    What are your 2019 Green Goals?

    Sunday, 6 January 2019

    Green Goals 2019

    I am not a great one for New Year's Resolutions. For example I'd love to lose a bit of weight but I have been pretty much the same weight for the last 30 years so I accept it isn't going to happen however many times I add it to a list of Resolutions. I don't really drink that much alcohol and there's no way I'm giving up dark chocolate!!  However I do like the idea of having some green goals for the year to come so am happy to promote those.

    A Green ad Rosie Life - My green goals for 2019

    Wednesday, 2 January 2019

    Is convenience killing the planet?

    Publicity bods and marketeers love to sell us convenience.  Anything to save us time, make our lives easier or simplify things are given front row seats in adverts ... but at what cost to the environment?    Let's take the humble potato.

    Home grown potatoes

    It really isn't that long ago that most people grew their own potatoes or if the couldn't they bought them loose from the local farmer or greengrocer, most probably in a reusable bag or basket.  Now most potatoes that are sold come in plastic bags or nets.  Then the soil that helped nurture the potatoes became public enemy number one and that all got washed off - so convenient for the cook.  Hang on a minute, though - what about those who can't or don't want to cook - now you can get your potatoes in every conceivable pre-cooked way from parboiled, to frozen as chips, roasties, croquettes, dried or frozen mash, crisps etc etc etc - all happily wrapped in layers of protective plastic and all transported far and wide around the country (if not the world) from farm to storage to factory to distribution centre to shop ... just because it is so convenient for the public to have them this way.

    Monday, 3 December 2018

    Going Green #22 - Dec 2018

    Welcome to Going Green.  This is the place to promote all your green, sustainable, environmental, seasonal, local, organic, fair trade, ethical etc posts ... basically any post that helps or inspires readers to preserve and improve our beautiful world.  If you are not sure what subjects would be good or need some ideas have a look here where you'll find all the details about the linky >>> Going Green Linky.

    Green Christmas

    2018 has seen somewhat of a shift in the awareness of issues such as plastic pollution and deforestation for products such as palm oil.  People are slowly beginning to make the connection between their lifestyles and Climate Change and, critically, that Climate Change will affect us all, not just someone else far away.

    But then along comes Christmas and big businesses go all out with their expensive adverts and shops and online websites packed to the rafters with STUFF, all there with the message that buying more will bring us all so much festive happiness.

    Sorry, but I don't buy it (literally) and I hope you don't either.  Let's take Christmas back from big businesses who care nothing for the planet and only to further their profits and let's have a simpler Christmas.  Buy some presents but from small, local and family businesses, buy experiences not more clutter and overall spend less money on your loved ones but more time with them.  Or try your hand at making things.

    Are you with me? Please do share these images if you are.

    Dare to be different this Christmas

    Support small businesses

    Tuesday, 27 November 2018

    6 ways to make your Christmas jumper "green"

    You would think that A Green and Rosie Life might be the last place you'd find a post about Christmas jumpers, wouldn't you?  After all they pretty much sum up everything I stand against ... an unnecessary item, bought because everyone tells you you should have one (and who wants to be the ONLY person who doesn't have a Christmas jumper?) and quite possibly made from man-made fibres.  They are a bit of short term fun, worn a handful of times, maybe a social media post or two and then the poor old thing get consigned to the back of the cupboard or worse still the bin.  You've guessed it, I am not a fan.  However, the truth is, that for the foreseeable future they are probably here to stay and when I recently heard that some schools now have "Wear a Christmas jumper to school days", more people than ever will be buying them. With that in mind here's 6 ways you green up your Christmas jumper and make it more sustainable.

    6 ways to Green up your Christmas Jumper

    1. Make you own. If you are no good at knitting you could decorate or upcycle a jumper you already have.  Hobbycraft have some brilliant ideas to try out. 
    2. It's nice and warm so you can turn the heating down a degree now.  
    3. If you are really going to buy a new one make sure it is in natural materials and made ethically and choose one that you'd be happy wearing all through the colder weather.
    4. Buy a secondhand one.
    5. Get as much wear from it as you can and remember to wear the same one next year.
    6. Swap with a friend - an easy way to get a new jumper without buying one.

    What do you think about Christmas jumpers and can you think of any more ways to make them as green as the Christmas trees on them?

    Sustainable Chsristmas jumper ideas