Saturday, 18 October 2014

Our New Magazine Advert and Website

Posted by Rosie

We have had several families who live in Paris come and stay at the gite after a recommendeation by previous guests on a Paris forum.  "Message" is a website, forum and magazine for English speaking families with young children who live in Paris. We have therefore decided that rather than relying on word of mouth through the forum (however good that can be) that we would place an advert in their magazine.

I had never made an banner advert before but a random tweet led me to a site called Canva and after not very long at all I had come up with this.

Reducing it down to the right size was a bit of a challenge and I am not sure I did it the most logical way but hopefully I got it right and we will soon have our first ever advert in a paper (and online) magazine.

Oh and have you seen that our new website has now gone live too? ... 

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