Friday, 16 August 2013

Via Ferrata at Clecy

The training lesson
I had another post planned for this morning but had a couple of problems with photos.  So by the time I was ready to write it the boys had discovered that friends of ours, who have a holiday home over here, were going to the new attraction at Clecy - Via Ferrata (in the heart of Suisse Normandie).

Cable and Safety Line
This is a 250 metre long traverse, 70 metres up the rock face over looking the Orne - far below.  The traverese is made up of hand and foot holds drilled and 'glued' into the rock face.  There is a safety cable along the whole route which you stay attached to at all times.  At the end there are two ways down - walk or the other way (all will be clear later).
And Up

The Climb Up
So with harnesses, helmets and  safety lines, six of us had a training session on the practise route.  Then it was off and up. Tom took the lead and was off like a mountain goat whilst the rest of us took it at a much more leisurely pace. 

The initial part was the main climb up and it really is like going up a ladder. Then the route starts to go along the rock face with some smaller ascents on the way.  And the route has some interesting additions.
Tom - the Mountain Goat

The Long Bridge

Cable Bridge

These added surprises where bridges, cable walks and sleeper bridges.  All good for testing the nerves whilst looking down at the cars and people below. A head for heights is definitely required.  The traverse takes about an hour and then it's down.  Either a leisurely stroll back to the valley through the woods via a gentle slope or.........

 ....... a 350 metre drop down on a zip wire. Superb fun. And there was suppose to have been a video inserted but for some reason it won't download - sorry.


  1. Looks like fun Rosie, but I don't think I could do it; I'm afraid of heights. Funny you should post this today as my neighbour has gone off today to do a Via Ferrata with a group of 11-13 year olds and I was going to pick his brain for a blog too! There are plenty around here but most are very serious and for adults only, which is why I was interested to know about the one he's going to.

  2. Phoebe - it was Simon, the boys and friends who did this one - I stayed at home and worked my way through the courgette glut! The website says children can go on if they are accompanied by an adult and at least 1m 40cm tall.

  3. this was very fun :)
    -mary-anne :)

  4. Mary-Anne - yes it was a brilliant afternoon. Really enjoyed it.

  5. Congratulations all of you. I want a go next time I am over. Well done Tom for pvercoming your dislike of hieghts. I am off to the hills like the colonial british to get away from the sweaty heat of Mandalay. Sally