Wednesday, 21 December 2011

That's Handy

Yesterday I had my appointment at Caen hospital and, after the usual long wait,  my hand was given the all clear.  I thought I was going to have to be in the cast for at least another two weeks but I was told there was no need. Now it is a case of strengthening up the hand, wrist and little finger again.

And it is much easier to use the keyboard, without the cast hitting the keys and changing everything and finding some interesting short cuts.   So I'll have to find something else to blame the speling misteakes on!!

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  1. I broke my scaphoid years ago (and I truly can feel the weather changing there now, it gets stiff and aches).

    After such a long healing time, of 3 months. after I was presented with a medium soft tennis ball sized ball. and was instructed to squeeze it. and then work up to a firmer ball, so as to strengthen the hand and wrist again.

    and it was disgusting when it was taken off. scaly arm. Warm water and a pumice stone was taken to my arm by my mother and nan.

    I hope you get the strength back quickly. Dont carry too many things.


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