Friday, 16 December 2011

Les Recettes de l'Ecole

 Posted by Rosie

This year, as a means of raising funds for the school trip to Futuroscope in April, the children have compiled and sold a recipe book which we received yesterday. Out of the 57 recipes brought in by pupils and teachers, 17 are starters, 13 are main courses and the remaining  27 are puddings or cakes ... and 8 of these are variations of chocolate cake - no real surprise there then!

Ben asked me to find him a recipe for Gingerbread Men (petits hommes en pain d'├ępice). Great - except it includes the very English "Golden Syrup". Luckily this can be bought in the English section of various supermarkets along with Gales Lemon Curd, Robinsons Barley Water, Frey Bentos Steak and Kidney Pies in a tin and Rowntrees Jelly. I do wonder what the French think we English like to eat.  

Tom wanted to do a typically English main dish and after a few ideas where translating the recipe would have been too hard we came up with "Toad in the Hole" = "Crapeau dans le Trou"! Actually thinking about it that might explain why the French have such a negative view of our food with recipes purporting to contains toads!

I have no idea if anyone will try our English recipes but I do hope so. I may give a "Fondant au Chocolat" a go as having watched many a chef on Masterchef prepare this dessert I would like to see if I could successfully make one.

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  1. good choices, boys :)

    i too want to make a chocolate fondant, as you see so many fails on masterchef :)


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