Monday, 8 February 2010

They don't stay little long do they?


  1. Happy (belated ?) Birthday to your not so little one !! :)

  2. I hope he had a very Happy Birthday, The cake looks lovely!

    Sue xx

  3. congrats!

    clearing out stuff from my grans i found a picture of my son as a little lad.. i actually found i missed him...

  4. No Annie - not too late, he had the cake a day early whilst his aunt was here and then got a second cake at school on his birthday.

    Sue - cake was yummy and school must have like the one I made as none came home.

    CiG - I know what you mean, sometimes little ones can be easier and we have yet to reach teenagerhood!!

  5. Ahh bless him. Hope he had a great day! Didn't realise he has his birthday in the same week as Katie (she was 3!)


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