Sunday, 7 February 2010

Nearly a call to the pompiers!!

Posted by Rosie

The turkey au vin recipe in my 52 new recipes list was based on a coq au vin recipe by Hugh Fearnly-Whitingstall. He said substituting a turkey thigh or two was fine but it was my adaptation to add Cointreau instead of Brandy as I had none of the latter.

So I get to the bit where it says -
add Brandy and set fire to it. I added the Cointreau, and set fire to it. WHOOOOOOSH. Now that was either impressive or exceedingly dangerous depending on your pyromaniac tendencies!! So there I am holding a pan sending up impressive flames and wondering what do do. "Move away from the extractor fan!" yelled Simon. I did and just as well - it was already well singed and smoking slightly.

Well I am pleased to say the pompiers (Firemen) were not needed and the turkey au vin tasted delicious. Whether I'll ever make it again is another matter although Simon wants me to so he can get a photo!


  1. Wow!! Sounds like a dramatic start to a meal....yes, photos please...haha!

    Sue xx

  2. Holy moly that would have been amazing to see! Scary but amazing! Glad you got it not only under control bbut it tasted good too, I guess you are just a natural at this cooking lark.


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