Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A Bit of a Surprise

Posted by Simon

I arrived home this afternoon from a trip to the dentist and was greeted at the door by the boys and Rosie. They had rather gleeful looks on their faces and were calling out 'we've had triplets, we've had triplets' . Having parked next to the sheep's field I looked at the ewes. As both ewes were munching their way through their evening repast and no sign of any new offspring, my first thought was 'oh no not another mother rejecting all of her lambs'.

Then I heard oinking noises from Tom and Ben, and even then it took me a few seconds to realise they meant the sow (Charlotte) had had three little pigs. Now this was a bit of a surprise as we had not realised she was due quite yet - we were expecting them in about a months time. And it was the last thing Rosie was expecting when she went to feed the pigs this evening and her first thought on seeing something small moving around in the bedding was 'RATS' and then it sunk in rats are not normally that colour - we have piglets.

So we still have two ewes waddling around their field looking as if they need inducing. The other ewe is penned in with her lambs and is not fully bonding with her second lamb so we are continuing doing the controlled feeds - which may go on for 6 weeks. So the animals are keeping us (well mainly Rosie) busy at the moment.


  1. AAAHHHH : ) Lovely surprise though !!!

  2. :) its all go at your place for sure

  3. Hahaha what is going on at your place - love is diffenatley in the air. They are adorable, I just want to pick one up and give it a cuddle. Now, do we name them or are they food?????

  4. The ginger one is a girl called Strawberry. The other two are a boy and a girl called IggyPiggy and Spottypig although I can't tell them apart.

    Shhhh - they will be for meat ...... but not just yet!

  5. Aren't they lovely? That's a good sort of surprise LOL




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