Wednesday, 13 January 2010

That's a lot of pumpkin!

Posted by Rosie

Yesterday, when I went to check on the stored pumpkins, I noticed that the very top of the 2 rather large green pumpkins were starting to go soft - time to get cooking or lose them. So I bought in the smaller of the two and have been busy cooking today. So far I have made a large batch of pumpkin cookies (ably assisted by Ben) and a vast vat pumpkin soup (nice and warming for lunch) plus we had roasted pumpkin with dinner last night. That only only used up just over half of this 10Kg monster and I still have the rest PLUS the other LARGER one to go. Luckily we all like pumpkin.

Tomorrow I'll make some filo pumpkin parcels and I have a lovely recipe for pumpkin and sweet potato stew. I have also found, once cooked and mashed, it freezes, which is just as well bearing in mind how much I have. That said there will be no more coming out of the garden for many months so a stash in the freezer won't get wasted. And the pigs are happy - they get the skin and seeds which they love.

So - how do you like your pumpkin? All recipe ideas greatfully recieved.


  1. pumpkin pie

    pumpkin cake

    pumpkin scones

    and roasted pumpkin, as a veg.

    is there a pumpkin cookie recipe you recommend?

  2. The cookies I make are a sort of cross between a bun and a biscuit and much loved by all here. I'll post up the recipe later if that's OK.

  3. should eat the seeds yourself, quickly roasted with a little sea salt....yummy.

    Sue xx

  4. Pumpkin and chili soup will certainly warm you all up!

    and I agree with Sue about roasted pumpkin seeds with sea salt - or soy sauce!

  5. One of our favourites is a pumpkin or butternut squash and sweetcorn casserole. Roast the pumpkin and sweetcorn, then mix with coconut milk, chopped chiles to taste, salt, pepper, and ground coriander. Put in the casserole, top with bread crumbs, and bake until toasty and golden.

  6. Hello Lara and welcome to the blog. That casserole sounds lovely. I've just made a batch of breadcrumbs but I need to add coconut milk to my shopping list.

    Nutty Gnome/Sue - I know what you are saying about pumpking seeds but I have never got the hang of them so it's lucky pigs instead!!