Saturday, 9 January 2010

Microwave Sponge Puddings

Posted by Rosie

I have just found a new use for the microwave and it is one that, in view of this current cold spell, may be used quite a bit - sponge puddings. A recent call out on Downsizer asking for quick and easy pudding ideas came forth with an excellent list but this one really caught my eye. And Google showed me that I simply need to make a basic sponge mix, add flavourings as required (I chose 2 tsp of ground ginger and some chopped crystallized ginger), pop it is a greased microwavable bowl, cover with pireced clingfilm or a loose fitting lid and zap for 3-4 mins. Leave for 2 minutes then eat and enjoy. Sorry - there's no picture as we had scoffed it all before I thought about photos.

Now this may be a bit of a surprise for the microwave as generally speaking it does not get used too much. Just for:

  • Defrosting things - not with the defrost button you understand, but simply a place to defrost food that is dog and cat proof.
  • Peas - they really do taste better microwaved I believe.
  • Milk - warming up milk for the boys hot chocolate. (I too often leave milk on the gas to boil over)
  • Single portions of porridge - easier than in a pan.
  • Reheating certain left-overs.
  • Baked potatoes - more energy efficient if the oven is not already on, but nowhere near as nice.
  • Baked mini pumpkins - now they really are delicious.
I have to admit actually cooking a whole dish in the microwave is not something I have ever done much of before but sponge puddings will be repeated. It's fish pie tonight so there's a rhubarb crumble in the oven at the same time but I reckon it could be microwave jam sponge tomorrow. With lashings of custard of course!


  1. LOL we also use to microwave as a food safe out of harms (dogs) way.

    The microwave sponges are a really useful quick pud. The children use to make them quite alot at uni. Horrid if over cooked though :) and need to be eaten immediately although that never seems to e a problem!

  2. last post*to* should read *the*.Brains a bit cold.

    I also cook rice in the microwave, not necessarily quicker but seems to work better for me somehow.

  3. Hi Rosie

    you all ok there? Ann & I made the raspberry vodka as per your recipe. Yum :)


  4. Annie - how do you cook microwave rice? I usually manage OK in a pan although getting the amount cooked right is my downfall.

    Elaine - I'm glad the raspberry vodka worked. You've just reminded me that I have some strawberry liqueur that should be ready now. That'll help remind us of summer. How are you coping with the weather? We are semi snowed in - we could get out using the snow chains if we really had to but prefer to stay put in case some other mad french tractor driver pushes us into the ditch again!

  5. oh yes i like sponge pud with apple jelly in the bottom and cinnamon...

  6. .... and I have several jars of apple jelly, made when Ben decided to pick all the Bamley apples from the tree ..... in July!

  7. I'm a bit slow off the mark leaving a comment now....
    But tinned prunes in a microwave pud work a treat! And I heard an idea once for sticking sticks of choloclate in so they melted through the pud as it cooked. But personally I prefer the prunes.


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