Friday, 8 January 2010

Problems with comments

Posted by Rosie

We seem to be having a few problems with comments at the moment. We used to have a "Recent comments" gadget on the sidebar but that decided to stop working a week or so ago. It stopped showing any comments so we reloaded it, after which it just showed a white box. A very nice white box but totally devoid of any recent comments.

Now with Simon's last post we have no "Add your comment" thingy below the post. I am waiting to see if it appears on this one or not.

We did wonder if the problem was just with us and others could see the comments. Perhaps someone could enlighten us. We love receiving comments and like them down the sidebar in case someone posts a comment on an older post. Maybe it is a blogger-wide glitch?

All in all though, it's rather baffling and faintly annoying.

ETA - I have the "Comments" thingy below this post but it is still not there on Simon's last post. How very odd. I'm going to re-load the Recent Comments on the sidebar and see what happens. Watch this space ....... or rather the space on the side bar where it should be!


  1. is it working then? i lost the thread a while back...:)

  2. Looks like it is semi-working - you can leave posts but they don't appear down the sidebar and for some reason you can't leave a comment on Simon's earlier post. I really do not understand computers!

  3. Any change in the weather over there? Bet you are glad of your freezer full of produce!

  4. Technology is wonderful when it works and a pain in the *&?! when it doesn't! Anyway I can add comments to this post but not to Simon's earlier one. Ho hum. And Happy New Year!

  5. WW - not sure we need the freezers at the moment - we may not be as cold as the UK but I don't think we've been above freezing for a while now.

    Sian - Happy New Year to you too, sent by the wonder that is technolgy working, if being a bit stroppy over comments :-)


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