Saturday, 16 January 2010

52 in 2010

Posted by Rosie

That is, we hope to cook 52 new things during this year - or approx one per week (which sounds less ominous like that!). It is an idea I saw on Colour it Green's blog and one that appealed to my love of cooking. My only worry is much of my cooking is based around variations on a theme - every stew I cook is always a little different from the last depending on what I have to hand in the garden/freezer or cupboard so it is not exactly something new. I won't add these "never quite the same meals" but maybe it will be alright to add something I have only perhaps cooked once before - a long time ago ;-)

Anyhow - we'll see how things progress. There's a list down the right hand side bar and I can already add aromatic belly pork, microwave sponge puddings and goat curry. And this evening Simon prepared these pineapple and banana fritters. Sorry the picture is a bit blurry but everyone was eager to dive in and only after the fritters had been demolished did I see the picture was out of focus. According to Ben though - I reckon this isn't the last time Simon will be making them:

"Yum" he said, "can we have these again please!"


  1. I do intend to join in...just haven't quite started yet! Like you most of my meals are a variation on a theme according to what we have available but today we killed three of the geese, all rather old , so if you have any favourite recipes using goose ... :)

  2. ohh those fritters look so good....

  3. Wow what a little culinary adventure! Look forward to seeing all your inspiring dishes. Can Simon make me some pineapple fritters please? I had them once in Turkey and LOVED them, I await with baited breath ~ get him in that kitchen, haha/

  4. Annie - I've never cooked goose before - and I have only ever roasted a duck so bearing in mind I have 9 ducks destined for slaughter this week I've been searching my cookbooks for duck recipes.

    CiG/Carrie - yup the fritters were yum - just pop over Carrie and Simon will rustle some up for you! We do plan to offer some cooked meals for people in the gite so maybe we could add these to the list.

    CTF - why don't you join us and add some NZ specialites?

  5. What a good idea, ans those fritters look yummy!!

    Sue xx

  6. Ian and Luis - welcome to the blog - do keep popping back to see how we get on.

    Sue - now I'm wondering what else Simon could give he fritter treatment to - apples wuold work I think.


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