Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Posted by Rosie

You certainly could be fooled into thinking that Spring has arrived but a quick peek at the calendar and reality hits home - although there are all sorts of Spring signs it is only mid January . I repeat - mid January and I am sure Winter has not finished with us just yet.

Yesterday, digging the veg patch, I was warm enough to shed my coat - the soil was lovely and workable and even dried out a touch on the surface. The birds were twittering and there was a rather annoying fly trying to divebomb my head. Looking across to the field I could see our three VERY pregnant ewes who could lamb at any time. Spring? No, No, No!! January!!

And on the subject of sheep, it is now a lot safer to go into the sheep field as we have moved Rammy down to the valley field. I really need to check on the girls without running the risk of what could actually be a leg-breaking butt from Rammy who has been getting more and more agressive since I have been feeding him with the girls. Hence his move down to the valley field with Lamby our bottle fed reject lamb for company. There's grass in the field so I don't need to feed them expensive hay or grain. Lamby isn't over impressed with the move and even though I have explained to him that he has been given a reprieve from slaughter so Rammy can have some company, I'm not sure he understands. His little bleets can be heard from down the valley.

Food outlay is also being reduced in 2 other areas - the pigs are a bit too portly so are on reduced rations, further reduced when they get a barrowful of weeds from the veg patch. Secondly, with the snow gone, the ducks are back grazing so they don't need as much grain either. No change in chicken rations but they have at last come back into lay - 5 eggs and a duck egg today which leads me to think that I need to search out some new eggy recipes for my 52 in 2010 challenge. Any ideas?

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