Sunday, 24 January 2010

Gite Update

Posted by Simon

Works on the gite is moving forward and I have been doing the stud work around the walls ready for insulation and boarding. Plus I have finished the tongue and grooved timber ceilings in the bedrooms. The rooms are now beginning to actually look like rooms, even though there is still along way to go.

Also, this week, we have been getting quotes for the electrical and plumbing works as the first fix on these need doing very soon. I must admit getting plug sockets in will be a blessing as I'm getting fed up with extension leads trailing everywhere and then having to relocate the cables every time I move to a different floor or room. It doesn't help having some tools with UK plugs, some with French and other with 110volts, meaning I have three different extension leads.

Although in the gite itself the plumbing and electrics are pretty straightforward both, but mainly the plumbing, has an associated problem for our house which also has to be sorted. At the moment our water mains comes in through the gite and, also, our hot water tank is in there, therefore these need putting in our house. An upheaval we could do without but water, hot and cold, we cannot.

Showing the plumbers and electricians around has taken quite a chunk of our time up and not helped by having to get take the Ranger into the repairers to have it's crash damage assessed plus the computer decided to join the list of 'things to and will breakdown'.

So I had to take that in and get it repaired. I found a very good person to repair it. I took it in Thursday afternoon and collected it repaired on Friday evening - very impressed. SW Computer Services, near Vire, also replaced the faulty DVD writer and on his recommendation increased the computer's memory. So the computer is now running much quicker - pity he can't do anything for my typing though!

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