Saturday, 3 October 2009

Busy Doing Nothing

Posted by Simon

This was a week that wasn't. I have achieved absolutely nothing and apart from this afternoon I don't feel as if I've stopped. Having broken the water main the water company then decided to replace our water meter whilst they carried out the repair. They also relocated the meter to our boundary so I have had to replace pipes and fitting from the meter into the house. We were only without water for less than 24 hours so it was not too bad. But I still have to bury the pipes AND then the digger broke down again. Fortunately I had dug out the area where the meter was going.

This time it's something to do with the electrics. So I have, with a friend, been trying to sort that out - with no joy. A new battery and re-doing the wiring has not worked. It is possibly the alternator and a mechanic is coming here to check it out soon. Really frustrating. It's not just the repairing things, it's the chasing around getting the bits and pieces you need that takes the time.

So my new Septic Tanks are still sitting here waiting to be dug in. Having the water meter moved has helped through - apart from I now know where the pipes are - it also is better for connecting up the water to the other buildings without having to take the pipes under the house and they will get better pressure as well. Breaking the pipe maybe a blessing in disguise - I say hopefully.

We also managed to order the doors and windows and some other materials I need for future works but it was definitely a case of ONE STEP FORWARD TWO BACK.


  1. Hi Simon, my other half is a mechanic which you might think is really useful but it means that today I have a long list of 'bits' to get. It doesn't help that I don't always know what they are, but I know that a lot of time is going to be taken up chasing them. I sympathise with your frustrations and hope your pipe disaster will be for the best after all.

  2. Goo - I so understand what you are saying. Simon and I go together to somewhere so he can get me to help him buy some machine part/tool etc. "So what do you want me to ask for?" I ask. "Erm - well I don't even really know what it is in English" he replies!!!

    Rosie x


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