Thursday, 8 October 2009

Digger - Out of Action

Posted by Simon

Due to continuing problems with the digger the works on the 'fosse septique' has ground to a halt and the digger taken away by a local garage for tests on the wiring. I'm hoping it will not be too long before I have it back as the weather is changing and I really do not want to work in a quagmire.

Whilst these works are on hold I have been doing some stone work in the gite. This included filling a gap between our attic and that of the gite - an old doorway. This meant many trips up and down the ladder with buckets of stone, mortar mix and tools. It was not long before I rigged up a pulley system, which did speed up the job. It still took me all day though but I'm pleased with the results.

I have also started work on the fireplace and chimney - I have every intention of getting a wood burner in before the cold weather comes. This is primarily to keep the building warm for some of the jobs. Lime cannot be worked if the weather is too cold. Secondarily it is to keep me warm - ahhh!

And my stone work cannot be too bad as the builder, who came to collect his cheque, was very impressed and took all the credit for his teaching techniques. Then complained I was putting him out of work (correct - I'm a lot cheaper)!!!!


  1. Well done on the stonework! Hope you get the digger sorted before 'mudbath' weather arrives. X

  2. I'm impressed with the stonework! I love pulleys - we'd have been stuffed building our Japanese garden and tea house without them :)


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