Friday, 2 October 2009

A Close Shave

Posted by Rosie

Walking across the zebra crossing in Aunay-sur-Odon today, Tom, Ben and I were off to renew our library books. Half way across my second sense took over and I saw a car racing towards the crossing, obviously with no intention of stopping. My heart leapt into my mouth and I somehow manged to reach out and grab Tom who was several paces in front of me and yanked him unceremoniously backwards. At the last second the car driver, a young woman, applied the brakes and stopped just inches from where the three of us were standing. I really thought Tom was going to be killed. Had I been less shocked I would have told the woman exactly what I thought of her driving but as it was I just wanted to get off the road and onto the pavement. But then - she had the temerity to blame us before driving off without so much as a backward glance.

I know in France drivers do not always stop to let pedestrians onto a zebra crossing but when we started to cross the car to our left had stopped and this other car was a long way up the street with plenty of stopping time. A street I may add that has two other zebra crossings and 2 side junctions with right of way over the main road. It is NOT a street to race through.

Well, some-one was watching over us today but it shook us all up. When we crossed back to the car I had two small hands very firmly attached to mine.


  1. glad you are ok - very scary indeed.

    as far as my experiences go.. drivers in France never stop at zebra crossings...

  2. How frightening..thank goodness you are all OK.

  3. Hope you're all recovering from the stress.

  4. Goodness me what a shock, Rosie! Really pleased to hear you are all safe. Xx

  5. Gosh, what a heart stopping moment that must have been. A mothers' second sense is a brilliant thing, it saved my sons' life when he was just six months old.

    Glad you're all okay.

    Sue xx

  6. No scary moments today thank goodness - just a sigh of gratitute that we are all still here.


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