Friday, 11 September 2009

Roof. Windows and Walls

Posted by Simon

Work has been moving forward on the gite. The builders have completed the work on the roof and nearly finished the two new window openings for the gite. They have made a start on the opening in our bedroom and will hopefully be finished by the middle of next week - well to a point. The point being that the window units are not available until the 15th October, so we could be in for a draughty time.

As the French workers can only do so many hours per week they were not here today. This gives me three clear days and so I have started on the centre wall. . This is slowly going up - not helped by builders/my tools and rubbish in the way. Nor having to help my neighbour whose car had broken down and needed moving. Anyway I'm quite pleased with the result so far especially as this is my first attempt.

Once the builders are gone I think we'll need a mega tidy up. Everything seems to be in the wrong place or covered in dust. And I also conquered a fear. Roofs are not my favourite of places but a urgent repair was needed on our future house. So I borrowed the builders ladders and made good. Another one of those little jobs I have been putting off can now be crossed off my list


  1. sounds fabulous! we were near to you in Normandy last week, we stayed 10 mins from ville-dieu de poleles in a farm gite. I love gites and the north of France - get those builders to get a move on, i'm itching for a turn trip!!!


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