Saturday, 12 September 2009

It's a great game

Posted by Simon
Ben is running forward with the ball, Tom and No 3 are ready to make the tackle. Ben is running right down the touch line and is about to be either tackled or pushed over the line. I'm not quite sure where the lad to the right of the photo is going but you never know it could be a defensive ploy.

Yes, Tom and Ben starting playing for Flers Rugby Club today and had their first training session. Ben was keen to go as his school friend Baptise was also starting today, but Tom was a little apprehensive. Well they both had a great time and played well. The training given was excellent for young children, with a mix of learning the game and playing games which teaches them different aspect of rugby. So we now have two keen trainee rugby players - who cannot wait until Wednesday afternoon for the next session. And both boys did much better than we expected and we all had enjoyable afternoon - although we did have to go to the sports shop afterwards to buy the necessary kit!

And as for Ben - he shrugs off his two tacklers and continues his run for the goal line - number 17 now makes his move and runs to cut off Ben and make the tackle, but Ben side steps him and scores his first try. One really happy lad - and Dad, and Mum

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