Sunday, 13 September 2009


Posted by Rosie

Well it says it all in the title really doesn't it?

After the "Harold not being a Harold hiccup", our friends, who have an excess of ducklings asked if we would like have the ducklings who were due to hatch earlier in the week. Daft question really.

So today J arrived with Angel, the Mum, and her ducklings. They are just so cute; 6 little bundles of yellow and black fluff. But not so cute that I've not been thinking of duck recipes this afternoon!


  1. Absolutely aahhhhh : )They are wonderful. Love your sons expression, such gentleness. Enjoy them until a la orange day.

  2. Far too cute! There is something about ducklings that makes them irresistable to anyone's heart strings; the colour, the fluff and the noises, I want some! :) x


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