Monday, 14 September 2009

In For A Blowy Night?

Posted by Simon

The builders have made the final break through on the window at the back of our bedroom. It was not the choicest of days as the wind decided to make it's presence known. Just as they took the last few stones out the wind blew a really strong gust and all the plastic covers flew off. Having kept the main part of our bedroom sealed off and dust free we now are the proud owners of a first floor interior vegetable patch. My now, not so white, towelling dressing gown taking the brunt.

Now the winds are blowing from the north (on to the back of the house) and the black clouds are gathering over Lenault. As there are only two flimsy sheets of tarpaulin covering the hole the prospects of a quiet night is highly unlikely. So we have decided that the sofa bed in the living room will be a better option. Well it beats sleeping in a 'veg patch'!

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