Work with Rosie

I have written articles in magazines, including Living France, newspapers (The Guardian) and on various websites. I have written on my own blogs since 2008 on a variety of topics including:

- Growing food - 
- Our natural world -
- Sustainability -
- Helping everyone to be that bit greener -
- Bringing children and nature together -
 - Cooking with seasonal and foraged ingredients -
- Supporting local businesses - (especially independent holiday home owners) -

Very occasionally I will accept guests blogs that fit with the above criteria and are written to a high standard with photos/graphics included from the blogger.  But I will not respond to any requests for guest blogs that come without links to your own blog/business and that are not closely related to the topics above.  I am not a free source of publicity for your business so don't spam this blog with your business comments (they will not get published) but equally I do not charge for suitable collaborations. I will support your work/business if I believe in it.

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