Monday, 11 June 2018

10 reasons I will never own a ferret

When I first started the #AnimalTales linky one example of the sort of post I'd love to see linked up was Pet Lists such as 10 Reasons Why I Would Never Own a Ferret ... and I have never got around to writing that post.  Anyway after 111 Animal Tales linkies I think it is about time I did it.  This post is not meant to offend those of you who love ferrets and for many they make great pets ... just not for me.

10 Reasons Why I Will Never Own a Ferret

1. They bite

I am old enough to remember this and to be quite frank that was enough for me to never want to handle a ferret.  In fairness there are plenty of ways to teach your ferret not to bite (apparently) but with those sharp needle like teeth I am not taking any risks!

2.  They smell

Ferretty people will say this isn't true so maybe I just have a super ferret sensitive nose but to me they smell horrible.  Sorry folks who love ferrets.

3. If not house trained the poo everywhere

I have been in the houses of ferrets who have not been house trained - it isn't pretty.  See also Pt 2 above.

4.  How the heck do you house train a ferret?

Apparently you can but I am not about to start to learn now - see pt 1.

5. They might be distant cousins of cats and dogs but they look like overgrown rats to me.

I'm not keen on rats either

6. They burrow down the back of the sofa and fall asleep only to wake when you sit on them, then you want to relax and they want to play.

'nuff said.

7. They moult

OK, OK so does Saari and she is way bigger but she doesn't bite or smell quite that bad (although others may disagree).

8.  You'll need to 2 as they are social creatures.

Yes well, that's double the trouble.  I'd need 2 of them. Nope. No thank you!

9.  Female ferrets need regular sex

Female ferrets will go into extended heat if not mated, can die of aplastic anemia although it is possible to use a castrated male to take a female out of heat.  See pt 8 - it's back to having 2 or worse than that ... BABY ferrets!  

10. Ferrets and other pets may not get on and will always need supervising together.

And how to do supervise something that can wriggle down tiny holes, up trouser legs or deep inside your duvet? 


I am NOT anti ferrets per se, I just do not want to be in the same room as them!  Many will say, if properly handled and trained, they make loving and intelligent pets but I am not about to find out!

Are you a ferret lover? Have I been overly unfair on ferrets?  


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  1. nope, they've never appealed to me as pets, i view them as working animals and owned by men wearing cloth caps, keeping them down their trousers #animaltales