Monday, 8 January 2018

Cat Wars

They say you can choose your friends but not your family but when you are a cat then you get no choice on which other cats your owner brings home to be your "friends".  And just like humans some cats do not like other cats. I mean some cats REALLY do not like each other:

Like Fumée and Moo, two of our cats.

Yup - we live in the middle of "cat wars" where Fumée and Moo are sworn enemies.

We had Fumée before Moo and she is one of the sweetest, but most shy of cats you could ever expect to meet. In fact she is so shy we cannot stroke her are all and the only time we ever get to hold her, for example to give her a worm pill, is by grabbing her at feed time.  But she is always around us ... just keeping a metre or so of space between us and happy so long as we don't try to touch her.

Enter Moo, the stray cat who arrived 18 months ago.  A survivor but possibly with just a touch of attitude ... or should that be Catittude (sorry!).

Initially things were OK between the two but over time relations have deteriorated.  Now we regularly have either very loud caterwauling if the two meet or worse, full on fur flying fighting.  They really detest each other.

Is it because they are both grey and white?

Is it because Fumée ADORES our other cat, Firkin, so sees Moo as a threat?

Is it because they are both female?

You know what - we have no idea.

Thinking back I suspect Fumée may have made the first "I am not sure I like you around here" hiss but now it is more often Moo who starts the attack.

Grrrrr - it is so annoying. 
Girls - we love you both.  Firkin only really loves himself so isn't worth fighting over and neither of you looks good with fur flying.

So please - just find a way to get along ...and if you can't, maybe you should try this, Moo ...

Do you have cats who don't get on?  Have you found any ways to help them become friends? 

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  1. Rosie, hope your cat wars calm down. Sounds like a hassle living with the sparring. #MMBC

  2. I have two adult male cats, they are brothers but they are both wanting to be 'Top Cat', they will occasionally lay near each other but quite often will end up scrapping! I would just advise plenty of high up and resting areas so they can get away from the other one if need be, and perhaps a feliway diffuser? Good Luck!

    1. One is an indoor cat and the other is an outdoor farm cat so a diffuser wouldn't work. The problem arises when Moo goes outside and the two meet. At least outside there are plenty of places they can run away to but Moo has been known to follow Fumée once a scrap has started.

  3. Our cat hates all other cats, the dog most of the time, me at the moment and all men, I think cats are just cats and there's not much we can do about them lol #animaltales

  4. Our cats hate other cats, but love each other. They have the odd spat, but mostly all is peaceful. They have been together since kittenhood though.

  5. I'm not a cat person myself but I've heard before about cats taking a dislike to each other - I hope you find a way to settle them.

  6. Isn’t animal behaviour interesting? The two pairs of cats I have owned were from the same litter and seemed to get on well. When I met my husband he had a Borderline Collie and I had two cats. We moved in together and the dog and one of the cats got on really well. However, the dog was terrified of the other cat and would never go past him on the stairs.

  7. Lol oh dear!! I dont have cats but there are apparently plenty who dont get on in our street and like to fight all night long! xx

  8. Hi Rosie, Ugg is a lone cat and on the odd occasion that another cat does venture her way we know it. Your cats must know what side their bread is buttered to hate each other, but still hang around... Not sure if this would help, but we use something called Broadline for cats to deal with fleas and worms. It's a spot on which is perfect for cats that don't like tablets or to be handled.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


  9. I’ve never had cats, I’m definitely a dog person, but I know friends who have struggled with cats who don’t get on! I really hope they find a way to be friends!

  10. Great humour and love that gif!! Haven't had cats for years and they always got on, but we've promised Caroline some kittens when her immunity is back up now treatment is finished so there's always a first!!! Love their names too - hope they make friends, or at least choose to ignore each other soon..

  11. Oh dear! I've always been a dog person, so can't really relate. I know that the thought of two cats fighting terrifies me! (those claws) :-0

    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. Have a fab weekend.

  12. Ah, this is all too familiar. We have two out of five who do not get along at all. They are both girls and think they are my cat, so compete for attention and often resort to all out fights. Horrid! But on their own or with the others, they are both dear little things. Contrary things, cats!


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