Sunday 31 December 2017

A-Z of Going Green, one step at a time.

I am going to make any specific New Year Resolutions this year.  Instead I am going to try and follow the A-Z Going Green, one step at a time.  Are you with me?  Will you make 2018 the year of Going Green?

A-Z of Going Green - one step at a time

A - Assess where you are now.  By looking at all aspects of your life - home, transport, leisure, work, food, waste etc etc you can easily begin to see where you can make those first green steps.
B - Back to Basics - learn some new skills such as sewing, jam making, gardening or foraging.  This way you can take control of more parts of your life.  If you can mend or alter clothes you have no need to buy more.  If you can garden you can grown some of your own organic and very local produce.
C - Consume less - think how great the positive impact would be on the world if we all consumed just a bit less.  So look at ways to consume less energy, waste less food and buy less stuff.
D - Ditch those Diposables - stop using single use products such as disposable coffee cups, razors, cotton buds, coffee pods, plastic bottles and wrapping etc.  Can you really justify using something for a fleeting moment that will then go on to to pollute the earth for years to come?
E - Earth Day April 22nd 2018 - take part in this global initiative with the mission to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide.
F - Fair Trade - shop ethically so you help those in the supply chain get a fair wage and decent working conditions.
G - Greenwash - learn what it is and how to avoid it.  For more details click here.
H - Holiday with your heart.  Search out earth friendly ideas and stop flying.
I - I can make a difference.  Believe this!
J - Join environmental groups and organisations, including FB groups to help you learn and spread your green knowledge.
K - Be kind to yourself.  Your actions may seem small on a global scale but each green step you take really does count.
L - buy local from local producers.
M - Make do and Mend - it is all too easy to chuck away something that is broken even before you try to fix it.  Learn how to sew, darn, fix, glue, solder and generally make good again.
N - Nurture Nature.  Help with a local conservation project, feed the wild birds, plant some wildlife attracting plants, stop using garden chemicals.
O - Buy as much organic food as possible.
P - Palm oil - learn how to recognise palm oil in foods and cosmetics/toiletries (it has a lot of different names which are listed here) and choose products that do not contain it.
Q - Question everything you buy or do.  Read labels and look beyond the adverts. 
R - The 3 Rs are in fact far more - reduce, reuse, recycle, repair, refuse, re-imagine, respect.
S - Second hand is great - ask friends if they can use things you no longer need, shop at second hand shops or online via second hand sites.
U - Understand that you can't save the world on your own but each green step you take really does help.
V - Go (more) vegetarian/vegan.  You don't have to completely give up meat but by cutting down you will help especially if when you do buy meat you go organic, additive/hormone-free, local and ethically raised.
W - Waste less - work out ways to reduce waste of all types especially food waste, energy and how much you send to landfill.
X - xxx - the kisses the world will give you for all your green steps.
Y - You can do this!
Z - Zero waste - make it a journey not a goal and each waste free option you choose is a great choice for the planet.

So there you have it - an A-Z of ideas to help turn 2018 into your greenest year yet.  Do let me know what you are going to tackle this year and post a comment with any more green ideas you would like to share.

Wishing you all


 A Green and Rosie Life


  1. An inspiring post especially for people starting out on the journey. But good to remind those of us who have been doing it a while not to get over whelmed. Thank you!

  2. I had no real idea of what Greenwashing is, I had a look at what you shared and also read some other articles. Good to know, and look out for, I imagine there are lots of companies that do it, sadly.
    Also, palm oil is something I need to look out for more, too.
    Happy New Year #goinggreen

    1. I think I need to write a post about greenwashing then!

  3. These are all great tips. I'm hopeful we can continue to try to lessen our impact on the earth. We do some of these things now, but we can always strive for more!


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