Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Violence and anger are not the the way forward. Choose kindness

Today the world enters a time of uncertainty.

A lot of people are scared.

My social media channels are full of disbelief and a feeling of helplessness.

Whilst we cannot change the bigger picture we can all make a difference.  We need to show the world that we are decent people.  Yes, we are all different and we all have different views.  For goodness sake there are some pretty big things that my very best friends and I differ over but we respect each others' opinions.  If we have nothing nice to say we don't say anything but overall we agree to disagree and move on.  We never resort to name calling and certainly not violence.

Violence and anger are not the the way forward.
Choose kindness.

So today I write this to you.

Today, be nice to people:

Smile at a stranger.
Help someone with no expectation to receive anything in return
Build bridges not walls
Help those less fortunate than yourself
Contact a friend you have not heard from in a while 
Hold the door open for someone
Check on an vulnerable neighbour

Choose kindness today and every day.


  1. Whilst I totally agree with the sentiment I am starting to feel like unless we start to stand up to the hate properly things will only get worse and worse. At the moment I feel compltely powerless, rudderless and leaderless. What does the future hold?

    1. But we cannot use violence or anger, it will gain us nothing.

      For the sake of our children we must not resort to this.

    2. I totally agree, Rosie. There are always those less fortunate than ourselves and those whose just need a few moments of our time. I can't do anything about the big picture but I can effect the little part of the world that I live in and those around me.