Thursday, 17 March 2016

My Tomato Varieties

I love growing tomatoes. 
I love growing different varieties of tomatoes. 
Which is why I appear to have ended up with 14 packets of tomato seeds this year!

My Tomatoes for 2016:

  1. Marmande - Large juicy red tomatoes which make great passata and tomato sauce
  2. Green Zebra - Yellow and green striped tomato with a thin skin and fabulous taste. Wonderful in salads
  3. Golden Sunrise - just like "normal" tomatoes but yellow and better tasting!
  4. Pomodoro - a very prolific cherry tomato from Italy 
  5. Ananas (Pineapple) - a huge red and orange heritage tomato with which tastes divine
  6. Black Cherry - a burgundy coloured cherry tomato which crops for ages and tastes delicious
  7. Black Russian or Noire Russe - the bigger brother on Black Cherry
  8. Roma - an Italian plum tomato that crops well so long as you give it plenty of water. Fabuous for passata and sauces
  9. Costuluto Fiorentino - a new one for this year, a deeply ridged beefsteak ideal for slicing apparently.
  10. Brandywine - another new one producing large, thin-skinned fruits
  11. Coeur de Boeuf - large dark red heart shaped fruits
  12. Harbinger - a "normal" tomato without the best taste but crops very late. These were free seeds otherwise I may not have grown them this year.
  13. Yellow Poire - small pear-shaped yellow tomatoes - these have a slightly disappointing taste compared to some others I grow but look lovely in a salad and crop heavily late in the year when others have finished.
  14. Gardener's Delight - this year our Christmas crackers had seeds in them including these cherry tomato seeds so it would be shame not to plant them ... plus is stops me have a superstitious 13 varieties! 

Do you grow tomatoes?  Have you any varieties you could recommend to me for next year?

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  1. i have been meaning to buy some tomato seeds all week. i too love growing and eating tomatoes. must plant some this weekend

    1. And of course now I have sown mine it's gone cold again!

  2. Wow! I'm going to scribble down the names of a few varieties you've mentioned.

  3. I definitely want to grow tomatoes this year but I'm never sure which varieties to choose. Now I know!

  4. Oh now I am totally fantasising about the smell of freshly picked tomatoes!
    Thanks for joining in again lovely x

  5. I am growing some Indian variety tomatoes in pots. I don't know the name though. My tomato plants are very tiny ... but these are coming real good.

    1. Oooh - that sounds interesting. I never thought of India having different varieties but it makes perfect sense. I wonder of they would grow in a polytunnel in Normandy?

  6. I've been grown tomatoes, but they're not producing at a rate where I can do something with them and as Bob has been stealing them also, I usually only have enough just to eat them as I pick them

  7. Wow, that's impressive!! I think we have about 4 varieties in seeds, but I usually get tempted by some tiny plants at the garden centre too. Love growing tomatoes, so easy and rewarding in yield. You're certainly going to busy watering and feeding all those though!!

    1. Tell me about it - it becomes a major part of my summer but also gives me some good thinking time.


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