Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Animal Tales - 34

Welcome to Animal Tales, the blog linky that brings together all sorts of animal blog posts from all over the world.  It runs from Tuesday morning thought to Friday night and showcases a wide range of animal related posts. 

The moment I became a tree

Earlier this week I had given Saari a long walk.  Near the end we stopped by a small stream where she was paddling and drinking.  As we had walked up I'd seen a bird drop into the long grass nearby and knowing Saari would try and catch it should she see it, I moved to shoo it away.  A just fledged wren struggled up and flew away to further upstream.  But then a few moments later it flew back - straight towards me.  I waited for it to realise I was there and steer a sideways course but the ignorance of youth did not allow it to identify me as a potential enemy, but instead it must have thought I was a tree as it landed on me, near the knee of my trousers.  Yes - it landed on me!!  I could hardly breathe for fear of scaring it off, whilst praying Saari would continue paddling and not see it.  It hopped around the low pocket for a while, getting a better foothold before flying off to it's rather frantic parent who did know what a error it might have made.  If you had said to me that morning I'd be mistaken for a tree later (or fence post I suppose) I would never have believed you ... but this little Jenny Wren was fooled.

Jenny Wren
Photo by Adam Jones of the fabulous Early Birder blog

Thank you to everyone who linked up last week - birds seemed to take rather a dominant role but I thin it was the alpaca striptease Fiona from Coombe Mill that I enjoyed the most, it's title alone making me chuckle. 

So over to you now.  Feel free to come and add your animal related posts to the linky below.  The posts can be old or new and as varied as the animals who we share our world with. If you tweet with the hashtag #AnimalTales I'll retweet you.  Just give me a nudge if I appear to have forgotten you.

Full details of the linky can be found here but can I remind people of a couple of the "rules":

  • Please can you comment on at least 2 other blogs linked up - that is, after all the whole purpose of joining a linky to find and comment on more blogs and hopefully drive traffic back to your blog.
  • Please can you include my badge (preferably) or a link back to this blog.
  • Can I remind people not to add sponsored posts or paid-for reviews.  Eco-Gites of Lenault has no advertising on it and I am not comfortable promoting products or companies I know nothing about.


  1. Oh well, you did well to keep still. What an amazing thing to happen.

  2. Wow, what an amazing moment!

    1. It really was - I think I forget to breathe the whole time the bird was on me.

  3. Ha Ha! I love the words title! "The moment I became a Tree". What a odd happening! I cant say a bird has ever landed on me, however bird droppings have lol!

    Angela from http://www.daysinbed.com

    1. Oh yes - lots of bird poo here too - isn't it supposed to be lucky?

  4. be thankful you weren't at the lakes with us last week, as Bob mistook 2 children as trees and pee'd against their legs, it's not the first time he's done this

  5. What a special moment! Thankyou for the mention too


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