Thursday, 26 March 2015

Who has stolen our spring?

Posted by Rosie

Last week I delighted in announcing that Spring had Sprung.  Twice this week we have woken up to sharp frosts.  We have had cold rain, hail and not a lot of sun. Someone has stolen our Spring!

March frosty morning

Frosty mint leaves

We are also in the time known to veg gardeners as "The Hungry Gap". Winter crops are all but finished, stores are depleted and spring/summer crops are nowhere near harvest.  In the veg garden at Eco-Gites of Lenault the kale is going to seed, we are down to our last bag of spuds and the pumpkins are all but eaten.  In the days before 24 hour supermarket shopping, imported strawberries and freezers this really was a hungry time for many people.

Sprouted Cavolo Nero and Kale

Don't worry (were you worried?!), there are few leeks and parsnips out there and we still have plenty of frozen veg.  We won't starve!

The last of the leeks

It is not all doom and gloom, not at all, despite what I have just written.  Jack Frost tried hard but to date I have not lost any seedlings with my plan of "seedlings in propagators in the cold frame in the polytunnel" keeping them above freezing point.  And when the sun does shine, the temperature heats up nicely in the polytunnel.  I took this photo at 10.15am (ignore the time/date of the thermometer, I've not worked out how to change it!). So on warm days the tomatoes, chard, beetroot etc etc put on steady growth.

Warming up in the polytunnel

Tiny sunflower and tomato seedlings
And don't these violas look lovely on the gite window sill?  They are ready to welcome guests from Paris tomorrow.  If you want to come and enjoy these flowers too we have some dates available between now and early July.

Violas on the gite window sill

So have you had lovely spring weather this week or has winter not quite let go with his icy hold?  I'm off to see what other gardeners have to say on Annie's How Does Your garden Grow linky.  Why don't you head over and have a look too.

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  1. Looked like spring was here last week but it's gone quite cold again here by the sea. Plus wind has picked up again which seems to make it colder. Thought I'd switched the heating over until autumn but no it came on yesterday and I d switched it on again today too. Us Brits are never happy with the weather, are we?

  2. oh no!!! tell jack frost to go back with winter!

  3. So glad your seedlings survived this week of odd weather.
    We've had hail, heavy rains and glorious sunshine a mixed and confusing time for the gardens!

  4. We've had a cold snap too. Frost the last 2 nights so probably good that I've not managed to get my apple trees into the ground.

  5. we are getting that random couple of winter days this weekend after having lovely spring weather for over a week. i am so not impressed. i am, however, impressed with you baby nasturtiums. i need to get some planted asap!

  6. We had a really sunny day on Monday and then out of nowhere, an icy cold hail storm arrived! Your violas are gorgeous, such a cheerful looking flower. If you run out of food, I'll send you some emergency homemade cookies by post ;)

  7. It was a balmy 14 degrees here this week - I admit it - I took Spring home with me! MWHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAAA!

    The violas look lovely, I'm sure the gite guests will have a wonderful time. Jealous? Damn right!

    I hope the warm weather continues here - I'm hankering sunshine!

    Thanks for joining in again Rosie - love to you and yours x

  8. I was in a bit of a panic for a couple of days that time had rewound itself but it looks like spring might be back now - phew. I can't imagine your garden without an abundance of amazing fruits and vegetables.

  9. We have had a very cold Spring so far too - a few sunny days mixed in with rain and very cold winds when it's sunny! Looking forward to seeing your garden springing to life as it warms up :)

  10. Beautiful violas :-) it has been a funny old week. We had a few frost mornings and in a city 45 miles away they even had snow! Fingers crossed spring returns and stays! x #HDYGG

  11. Your seedlings are doing great - I'm late starting mine this year but I'm hoping they won't mind too much, especially if I pop them in a heated propagator - and yes, Spring seems to be taking its time! ‹come on spring! #hdygg

  12. It is really cold, I've given up with gardening until it warms up.


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