Wednesday, 25 March 2015

After the eclipse that wasn't to be ...

Posted by Rosie

Our eclipse was eclipsed by thick cloud and besides it getting a bit darker and rather cold there was really no way of knowing that a magnificent celestial happening was taking place right above our heads.  I had been lucky enough to see the total eclipse in 1999 but I did feel particularly gutted for the boys.  So a weekend of cheering up was needed.

First though, I needed to get to market to buy some veg seedlings. They don't make for very interesting photos but the flower displays, colourful vegetables and cakes do:

Fabulous flowers at Flers market

Multicoloured carrots at Flers market

French p√Ętisseries

On Sunday Tom had an athletics tournament at Caen. He got a lift there and we said we'd collect him after taking the dogs for a walk on the nearby beach at Ouistreham.  The weather was cold, to say the least, so a warm, filling brunch was needed to sustain us.  Just don't tell Tom he missed out on a fry-up!

A hearty brunch

To the beach.

We reckon this was Harry's first time by the sea and he was completely and utterly excited about the whole experience and may  not really have thought things through fully ...

Dashing to the large watery thing:

Yeah - this looks fun - I need to investigate

 Discovering the large watery thing is exceedingly cold and well .... WET!

Whoa - that is COLD!

Happy to hurtle along the edge with Saari and his canine friend, Pip:

Fun at Ouistreham beach in March

Guess who got wet trousers?

Did you manage to get fabulous views of the eclipse or did you have to have a fun weekend to make up for the "No Show".  Of perhaps you had both?  



  1. I thought it was going to be a no show for us too as it was cloudy but the clouds thinned and we managed to see the eclipse. My son was very upset that his school wouldn't let them watch it though!

  2. Ah lovely pictures and your dogs! I really want that brunch now.... Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x x


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