Thursday, 14 August 2014

Womens Rugby World Cup 2014

England have beaten Ireland in the Semi Finals earlier this evening and Canada just (and against the odds) beat France.  Both were very exciting semi-finals.  Follow this link to find out about the event - RWCWomens.


So lets hope for an exciting final on Sunday in Paris at the fantastic Stade Jean Bouin. Canada and England drew in the pool stages so it should make for a good match.  And even better Tom, Ben and I, and our friend Ian, will be there - I bought tickets a few weeks ago.  So I'm really excited now.  

The Amazing Stade Jean Bouin

We get to see three matches as the teams are seeded.  The first match is between the USA and New Zealand (who have won the last three World Cups and against the odds knocked out this time round).  The second is for the third and fourth place play off between Ireland and France and finally the final. Did I say England are in that? 

I must admit having watched earlier pool matches I thought it was going to be a France v Ireland final.  How wrong can you be? Then after England beating Ireland I thought England were going to play France. But Canada played a brilliant game and overcame France to get to the final for their first time.

Having been to this stadium before I know the atmosphere will be great and a fun day will be had.

Good Luck to England

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