Thursday, 5 January 2012

52 in 2011

Posted by Rosie

Well I almost managed to make 52 new edible things in 2011 ( I say edible things rather than meals or dishes as I do notice rather a lot of drinks on the list!). So, what did I manage? 

1. Green Lentil Soup - delicious and perfect for foul January weather. I think I might make some for lunch today ;-)
2. Cavolo Nero with chilli and garlic - again another warming dish from this kale that I successfully grew for the first time in 2011 
3. Italian Liver - Well I know we liked it but I can't for the life of me remember where the recipe was to be able to make it again!
4. Egg Fried Rice - I always seem to cook too much rice and since the hens have been laying so well all through 2011 this was a recipe bound to happen sooner or later - and it was so much nicer than the take-away ones if I remember correctly.
5. Butter - several failed attempts shaking a jar of cream for hours on end until Simon cracked this one with the food mixer. We need to get back into making butter as it is so satisfying having butter made from the milk of cows that graze on our neighbour's farm. Should I make that a resolution for 2012?
6. Ham and Sweetcorn Croustade - simple and effective comfort food - creamy ham and sweetcorn on a crispy bread and nut base. Yummy.
7. Cheddar Pasta Frittata - an unlikely sounding recipe where potatoes in a Spanish Frittata are replaced with pasta, but it works well (and uses left over pasta and that egg mountain!)
8. Lentil and Bacon Stew - Um - totally cannot remember this one!
9. Smoked Salmon, Spinach, Egg and Creme Fraiche Pancakes - A marriage of flavours made in heaven.
10. Turkieleekie soup - cockaleekie with turkey and just as nice.
11. Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry - a nice mild and creamy korma type curry
12. Beer  - made from the kit I bought Simon for Christmas. There's none left so I assume it was good!
13. Rowan and Redcurrant Jelly - This was actually born out of an accident. I defrosted several bags of redcurrants all together in a bowl and then realised some of them were in fact rowan berries. No matter, the resulting jelly was perfect with lamb and duck.
14. Calvados Turkey -  oh 'eck - another one I can't remember. I blame the Calvados in it!
15. Mint and Apple Jelly  - just in case anyone doesn't like No 13 on the list there's always this one!
16. Wine (from a kit)  - a very nice rosé. I just hope Simon can remember where he got the kit from so he can get a couple more when he is back in the UK again soon.
17. Mushrooms a la Greque  - mushrooms in a tomato/marjoram sauce and served cold. To be honest I think they would be nicer hot.
18. Nettle Beer - Link to earlier post
19. Satay Turkey - Sort of like Satay chicken but with turkey!! Delicious, but there were complaints as apparently I used the last of the peanut butter to make this one.
20. Moussaka - yay, for the first time ever I grew enough aubergines to be able to make this classic lamb dish!
21. Strawberry and Rhubarb Trifle - with an excellent crop of both these fruits this turned out to be a marriage made on heaven, even for me who generally hates trifle. 
22. Turkey with Spicy Onion Sauce - another chicken-in-disguise recipe. 
23. Chocolate Brownies - I really do think this is the best ever brownie recipe (link) and I bake them as one of the cakes in the luxury afternoon teas I offer visitors.
24. Gooseberry Meringue Pie - a variation on the classic lemon meringue pie brought about because I can't grow lemons but I had an excellent crop of gooseberries. 
25. Honey-Roasted Beetroot - a perfect accompaniment for a summer roast - just don't overcook them as I did the first time or they become stick to your teeth chewy!

To be continued ...


  1. I've bookmarked that choc brownie recipe and hope they freeze fine, purely on the basis of it needing 6 eggs and so many walnuts (though that does sound like quite a lot!). Have an egg mountain at the moment and about 2000 walnuts!!

  2. They freeze beautifully although I have to admit I have never frozen them with the walnuts but can't see any reason why that would be a problem. I too have an egg mountain. My girls haven't stopped laying all year so what's the betting they go on strike when I need eggs for gite guests! At one point just before Christmas I has 144 eggs!!

  3. Good to know they freeze well - 144 eggs OMG!! Did you manage to eat them/sell them/give them away?

  4. A friend took loads to sell on, the pigs got the really dirty ones and I made a lot of eggy meals! I've still got about 60 now, plus the ducks have just come into lay again. Meringue anyone?


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