Tuesday, 3 May 2011

First Tasting - Nettle Beer 2011 Vintage

Nettle Beer
This evening I am having the first proper tasting of my home made nettle beer. And I can tell you it's going down a bomb!  Beautiful and clear, definitely taste the nettle.

I say proper tasting - whilst bottling there was a little left over - about half a pint.  Still cloudy and bits of sediment in it.  I used this for a taster and not too bad. I found Rosie in the garden talking to the father of our neighbouring farmer and the farmer's three sons.  So the taste test was on.  Rosie was not very keen nor was Ben.  Tom liked it.  Now we are up against the makers of cider and Calvados - the challenge was on.

Whilst the farmer's mother carried on raking, the glass was handed round. First up Maurice (farmer's father) and it's a yes, he likes it. Then the 3 sons all take a taste and it's another 3 likes, although I think one was being polite.  Farmer's mother arrives - possibly wondering why she is working whilst her husband and grandsons are not.  Is she up for a tasting - 'mai oui'.

Well luckily there wasn't anyone else for a taste - bright eyed the glass was handed back.  Empty!  I think I may be delivering a bottle to them soon.


And pleese note any misteaks in this post could be down to the Nettle Beer 2011 Vintage

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