Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Illuminations

 I picked up a leaflet in a local shop about 'Concours des Villes et Villages illuminĂ©s' (Competition for Cities and Villages illuminated) last week and so on Saturday evening we set out to have a tour of some of the lights.

Two of our local towns, Conde sur Noireau and Vassy, we know put on an excellent display and Vassy is especially good this year. We passed through villages that have made a great effort and it's little wonder they win prizes.  There were lots of oohs and aahs from the back of the car.

Then we eventually arrived in a village called Beauchene, which we'd heard puts on a spectacular display, and it was amazing. There were lights along the streets and then you go around the corner to see the church and churchyard aglow.  A field next to the church is full of lit up animations, for example a blacksmith shoeing a horse.  It was all good fun and very well done.

BeauChene Illuminations
We were slightly delayed on our tour as en route we got a puncture and then the jack broke, so we had to flag down a passing motorist, therefore it wasn't long before small boys were braying with hunger.  We cut the tour short and headed to the town of Flers, again, going through illuminated villages.  As we drove into one village the lights were made like stage curtains over the road, so you drove through.

We stopped in Flers and had a lovely meal before heading home. And my favourite of all the Christmas lights was this one!

My Favourite


  1. Haha....I love your favouritie too!!

  2. the lights here get worse and worse every year


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