Friday, 14 October 2011

A Bit Drastic!

Now the gite is finished and we have completed many other projects, finding alternative themes for blog posts is much harder, especially as at the moment we are either doing mainly day to day stuff or finishing off projects.  We have also started reducing the animal numbers and butchering/preparing them for the freezer.

And this is when I decided that the blog needed an update.  Well I really didn't mean to make it such a 'drastic' post, but I have!

What happened?  Well whilst I was trying to catch a pig - and I can understand why it was not very co-operative - I somehow managed to do quite a bit of damage to my hand.  One minute I was chasing a pig and the next blood was pouring from my hand and I was in a lot of pain.

Encased Arm
So an unscheduled trip to the local hospital and then on to the main hospital at Caen found I had also broken a bone (little finger) and the tendon. Ouch (not quite what I said)!  So after an hour of surgery and an overnight stay in the hospital I am now encased in a plastic caste thing.

And I am like this for the next six weeks.  The main concern is the tendon as that had to be sewn together and must now be kept static.  The staff at the hospitals were excellent and there was a lot of banter about the rugby.  Though I did have to remind them that France hadn't beaten England in the World Cup for quite awhile and thought it was about time we gave France a chance (nothing to do with England's poor play then)!   And apologises to any Welsh rugby fans reading this but I had to promise to say 'allez les bleu' this Saturday or they wouldn't operate.  Hee, hee - that wasn't too painful!

So now loads of jobs are on hold and  Rosie is trying to make me a list of one handed jobs!  I can't think why.  I can hold a book, use the TV remote control, use the computer keyboard, albeit slowly, and walk the dogs.  Oh, and make tea. Seems enough to be getting on with for now - and the dogs are happy.


  1. That sounds painful, make sure you rest it well and do not try too much too soon - tendons take time to heal.

  2. Ouch! A good excuse to watch the rugby though! Hope it gets better soon

  3. Oh My gosh sounds painful. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Could we all suggest some post topics?

    I would be very interested in the sites and touristy things that are in your area. Ones that if we came to stay at your gite we could see. I am sure others would really like that. I am nosy like that!

  4. Ouch indeed......poor you.

    It's amazing how many jobs will be found for you to do even if you do only have one hand!!

    I hope it recovers soon, take time out to rest, you really will get better with lots of snoozes and chill out time.

    Sue xx

  5. Ouch! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  6. One of my sons lives in Paris and loves it over there. I wouldn't mind taking a long vacation roaming around Europe, I think each country has some kind of flair of its own that can't be seen in a book!

  7. Thanks everyone and welcome to the blog Sol and Julia. Simon's hand appears to be healing well (hopefully the same goes for the bone and tendon inside) although he still can't use it much. The dogs aren't complaining though as they're getting extra walks!

    Sol - we do write some touristy blogs from time to time and will certainly try and do a few more. What sort of things would interest you?

  8. ow
    hope you heal quickly (or get very good at one handed butchery etc)

    so... was it the pig wot did it? or did you flail into something trying to catch said pig?

    *is nosey*

  9. CiG - I got to do the butchery this time, so we have a few "interesting" cuts of pork this year. as for the injury .....


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