Sunday, 2 October 2011

August on the Med?

Posted by Rosie

Actually no, this is October on the Normandy Coast!

October 2nd 2011
Temperatures over the last few days have soared to record breaking heights and we decided to take advantage of the fabulous weather on what surely must be the last hot Sunday of the year and headed up to the coast at Ouisterham.  It appeared we were not alone in thinking this and when we arrived at lunchtime all the beachfront parking spaces were already taken. In France most people don't go to the beach until after lunch and when we were there last week (thinking THAT would be the last sun-bathing day) we had the place almost to ourselves when we arrived just after one.  Today, the world and his wife obviously wanted to catch the last of the summer (autumn?) heat for as long as possible and the beach was the most crowded we have ever seen it. 

A couple of weeks ago we nearly lit the woodburner with cool days and positively chilly nights. When we heard fine weather was forecast we expected maybe 21degrees C. Never in a month of Sundays did we think we would see scenes like the picture above on October 2nd and temperatures nudging 30 degrees C.


  1. It was exactly the same here....well more sunbathing chickens lying draped all over Chicken World than people on a beach!!

    Nice to have a bit more sun, but it could have been turned down a notch! Too hot for me.

    Sue xx

  2. Incredible! I went to the Isle of Portland at the weekend and found the beaches there just as rammed with people.

    Trying to persuade Erin to come and visit again at Easter. You still free in the first week?

  3. That's excellent news - 1st week of Easter is free at the moment but we are already taking bookings for next year ....


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