Sunday, 4 September 2011

Compact: See Bijou, then divide by two.

Wardrobe Alcove
Estate Agent Speak  - Bijou: Would suit contortionist with growth hormone deficiency. 

Ady and I have been constructing an upstairs 'bijou' bathroom - well more a shower room, with WC and hand basin.  I must add at this stage that it has been mainly Ady doing the work, whilst I have got on with other things.

The bathroom is being constructed at one end of our bedroom, but we didn't want to loose too much space. So we designed the space with an alcove for a wardrobe in the bedroom. We had already had a window put in when the windows for the gite were done.  Now we (Ady) has divided the rooms and insulated it all, put the electrics in, and the first phase of the plumbing.  I've tiled the floor and we have also put in ducting for the heat exchange unit.
Our 'Bijou' Bathroom

Tomorrow the 2nd phase of plumbing starts, tiling the walls and then finishing the installation of shower doors, basin, toilet etc. and of course all those finishing bits and pieces we all love will start.

And hopefully very soon I will not have to be traipsing all the way downstairs at three in the morning for a wee. I also thought the estate agent speak summed up our 'petite bathroom'!

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