Saturday, 14 May 2011

Roofs and Rugby

I know my last post was not one of my best but I didn't think it was that bad that 'Blogger' had to remove it!!!! Well in fact 'Blogger' had a breakdown and posts disappeared, including mine. Apparently it is all up and running again and posts that flew of into the 'ether-net' have been restored - I think not in my case.

Outbuilding Roof
Anyway, what I had been posting about - until I was rudely interrupted - was that I have, at long, last recommenced work on the old bakery outbuilding.  This meant removing the temporary roofing I had put up and putting the timbers in place for the new sheeting.  This has not gone too badly, so far, but does mean that the freezers are now not covered (well except for some old tarpaulins) - so we did wonder if this will make it rain.  We need the rain but I am hoping it will stay off so I can get this building back to a usable state as we, believe it or not, need that space back for storage.

La Crunch Rugby Tournament
 At the moment the weekends seem to be taken up with a number of Rugby Tournaments. So I have been taxi-ing the boys round to various parts of the area for matches.  The club does have a bus to take the boys to the various tournaments but usually by the time I've driven them to the club and then have to pick them up later it is quicker to take them direct.

Today was an exception and I went, with Tom and Ben, on the club bus to Argentan.   Going was quite pleasant and an enjoyable afternoons rugby was had.  Then the return trip. Yes, the joys of 30 young lads singing  rugby songs. Singing maybe too kind a word to use, to which my ears will testify to.  They are still ringing from the assault they received.   And it was probably lucky I couldn't understand the words - although the tunes sounded vaguely familiar!                                            

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