Sunday, 3 April 2011

Spring Has Definitely Sprung

Spring Flowers
Out walking the dogs this afternoon and I heard the cuckoo for the first time this year.  Rosie saw swallows a couple of weeks ago and the wild flowers, after a short poor flowering last year, are giving us a glorious show now.

I have just been looking through old the photos and discovered that the Early Purple Orchids are out about 2 weeks earlier this year compared to Spring 2008.  The blue bells are on their way and we have had a lovely display of primroses and cow slips for a good two to three weeks now.

And even the worms do it!
On Wednesday night Rosie was shutting in the hens when she noticed the field was covered in worms.  As soon as she shone the light on them they rapidly shot back down their hole.  This happened for the next two nights - and spring was definitely in the air for the worms - there were hundreds of them.  I was really pleased to get the photo as any form of light or a heavy putting down of the foot sent them off, with a parting of ways, underground again.  It was amazing to see and both Rosie and I don't think we have seen this before. Did feel a bit mean ruining the worms fun though!

Walking Charlotte
One of our sows, Charlotte, had been a bit stiff legged and we were a little concern it maybe a touch arthritis (not good in pigs apparently).  Anyway we moved her in to the field with the piglets and her condition improved. So, after some debate, we have put in her with Boris the Boar. And she seems much improved and, definitely, has a spring in her step now - and earlier this evening I found Rosie was taking her for a walk. Ahhhhhhhh!


  1. You can't beat a walk with a pig.

    I walk the 3 Kune Kunes occasionally, or rather they walk me, they lead and I follow, funnily enough we always seem to end up back at the feeding trough!!

    Sue xx

  2. This is an exciting time of the year isn't it. Each day is so very different - in fact each year is so different.


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