Thursday, 31 March 2011

Snap-shot of a March Day

 Posted by Rosie
Outside my window - I can see rain.  We need it as March has been very dry and it is perfect for the seeds I sowed earlier in the week plus all the rain butts are all now full.

I am thinking - that I must write this quickly as the boys are waiting for a bedtime story.

From my kitchen - I can see the ingredients for tonight's frittata.

I am wearing - slightly cleaner clothes than the last time I did one of these snapshots.

I am going - Folk Dancing this evening.

I am reading - Animal Farm, in French.  It's a good job I know the story as there are an awful lot of words I don't understand!

I am hearing - the boys arguing - oh the joys of parenthood.

Around the house - there is the usual mess.

One of my favourite things is - my pigs - I love being able to see them now they are in the field.

And here is my picture for thought - one of our hens is currently sitting on 9 Buff Orpington eggs - if all goes well we should have chickens that look like this soon:


  1. Oooh Orpis are gorgeous especially the Buff coloured ones. I hope they hatch out okay.

    Sue xx

  2. We've recently got a pair of Buff Orpingtons and are planning on hatching out some eggs later on. They have such funny runs

  3. I love Orpingtons and have two but they are very broody. Last year mine sat on Indian runner duck eggs and hatched them very successfully. For such large hens they do lay small eggs though, but on the plus side they laid eggs nearly all the winter. Wendy.

  4. Sue, ALLS and Wendy - getting eggcited now!!

  5. Love your girls; our friends up on a dark, wet mountain in the Pacific North West range have eggs all winter long from Buffs. They do turn a solar powered little LED light on, for "stimulation" though...


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