Thursday, 20 January 2011

I'm off dancing

Posted by Rosie

Once a fortnight a group of French and English people get together at the local organic farm for an evening of folk dancing. It's great fun and generally not taken too seriously which is just as well for me: not knowing my left from my right in English, let alone French can sometimes hamper the smooth flow of a dance. There is also often less men that women so some of us have to pretend to be one of them for a dance or two before shifting back to our own sex for the next dance. Confused? So are we all too often!!


  1. Enjoy yourself, it sounds like a real giggle.

    Sue xx

  2. It was a real giggle - we were 15 (one woman short for a change) so we tried some dances with a phantom woman. This is much harder than you could imagine and resulted in much hysterics.

  3. hi! Im just wondering r u from France? and if u r please visit my blog ! im in fifth grade at Walker elementry school im trying 2 get as much people as I can on my visitor globe its really called a revalvor map! my blog is k hope u visit I LIKE UR BLOG HOPE U LIKE MINE! U CAN LOOK AT MY OLDER POSTES 2!

  4. Hi Nadia - we are not from France but moved here in 2007. We still have trouble with the language but the boys are fluent - lucky them!


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