Monday, 24 January 2011

Home Alone

Posted by Rosie

No - we've not gone off and left one of the boys behind - it's the boys (all three of them!) who have gone and left ME home alone. They've headed off down to The Alps (Les Deux Alpes to be precise) for a week's skiing and I'm here minding the fort and thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet. Well if you can call it that with 13 piglets who become very vocal if I am at all late with their meals ...... oh and 5 dogs here ...... 5 LARGE dogs!

I had planned this week to have a garden digging blitz but heavy rain has put paid to that idea. I could start moving the trailer load of manure the farmer delivered a few days ago ..... or I could leave that for Simon and his digger. I can however, get on in the polytunnel and today I went to the garden centre for seeds that I can get started with. It may not be Spring yet but my fingers are itching to get muddy.

Then there is the house. Housework is something, as Simon will vouch, that does not come naturally to me. It is however, considerably easier when there are not other people sneaking up behind me making a mess of something I have just tidied up. So it is the house which is getting blitzed this week. So far the bathroom, tv room and boys' bedrooms have had my attention and it is lovely knowing the will stay that way at least until Sunday. One would hope considerably longer but I am a realist and know the boys both inherited my lack of natural tidiness genes.

It's not all work though and I know once I have fed and shut in the animals, the evening is all my own - I've taken some films out of the library, opened my favourite bottle of wine and have, 2 squares a day, been enjoying the extra dark chocolate Simon got me for Christmas. I'm reading a very trashy book and I know that if I spend far too long in the bath no-one will be hammering at the door needing the loo! This may not be a conventional holiday but I am savouring being just me for once - not a Mum, not a wife, not a taxi, not a cook, not anything except .... just Rosie ;-)


  1. Sounds good. Make the most of your quiet time alone, don't do too much work!
    I've got a sign on my fridge "a clean house is a sign of a wasted life" with a 50s style pic of a woman in an apron!

  2. I've just googled your sign and I think I may download it and give it to anyone who dares to mutter that the house is a mess!!

    Actually I wanted to ask you something not on the blog and wondered if you could email me so I can ask in private? rosie {at} eco-gites {dot} eu Many thanks - Rosie x

  3. Enjoy every minute! You know the peace won't last when you get home!

  4. Gosh...sounds like bliss. Enjoy it will you can.

    You know it won't last...and really you wouldn't want it too would you!

    So take this 'me' time and make the most of it.

    Sue xx


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