Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Soda Bread

Having watched the bread making on River Cottage last week I decided to try out my own soda bread. I got off to a good start. No buttermilk or stout! So adaptations had to be made to the recipe. I used milk and added a little yoghurt, some cider vinegar and baking powder.

I then decided to cook it in the wood burner embers instead of the oven. I loosely wrapped the dough in foil and popped it in the wood burner. It took longer than the recipe said to cook but both Rosie and I have now munched our way through half the loaf. Rosie with thick chocolate spread on it and me with raspberry jam. And it's suppose to accompany the soup!

The cooking technique will need to be worked on next time. The base was getting cooked before the top so I opened the foil up and this helped. Next time I'll do this from the start and I think it will then cook a more evenly. Otherwise not a bad effort - definitely one to do again. I'm sure it will be delicious dunked in the soup - if it lasts that long?


  1. I have not found buttermilk in France, so I put some lemon juice into the milk and let it sit for a while. Seems to work OK

  2. That looks yummy!

    I'm really starting to miss bread on my diet. I think once I start eating it again it will be homemade all the way.

    No more preservatives and additives in my daily loaf!!

  3. Sue - I read in a book that you could make buttermilk that way - I must remember to add lemons to my shopping list

    Sue15cat - Well done you for sticking to the diet - I would find it so hard to give up bread, especially the home made variety.


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