Tuesday, 9 November 2010

French Fungal Foray

Posted by Rosie

Yesterday I was privileged enough to have a French friend take me on a fungal foray and show me his best hunting grounds - if only because he is moving house next week and won't be able to forage there any more!! We were on the look out for Bay Boletes and Ceps (Penny Buns) but the day did not start well. It was raining cats and dogs and it seemed that everywhere we went, some-one else had got there first. No matter, we moved to another part of the forest and soon found what we were looking for. To be honest though, my friend's basket filled far quicker than mine and I know I must have missed loads as they are so well camouflaged in the leaf litter. Twice I stopped to check where my friend was and when I looked down there was a mushroom right at my feet.

At the end of the day we had a sizeable haul and I could say that my first fungal foray had been a success, HOWEVER - would I would be confident enough to go alone because there are other boletes that look similar but are poisonous and whilst I could see the differences yesterday with a friend to guide, on my own, would I manage it? But I do have the pharmacies to fall back on - you can take your mushrooms there and the pharmacists are trained to recognise and advise you on their edibility.

For supper last night - fried potatoes and ceps. Yum ........ and we are still here to tell the tale!


  1. Good to hear you've finally taken the plunge! I know you were a bit worried about this, so hopefully the feast will spur you on next year!

  2. I'd still be quite nervous going it alone but after a couple of lovely meals and the fact I can take them to the pharmacy means I will be going out again sometime.


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