Monday, 18 October 2010


Posted by Rosie

Frost this morning although not as hard as had been predicted earlier in the weather forecast. No ice on the water buckets just yet.

Cold enough however, for me to put on 2 pairs of socks (if only that if I wear just one pair of socks in my wellies, said socks slide off and I am left with none).

Cold enough that I'm glad I moved the pumpkins from the picnic table where they were drying into the shed.
Cold enough that I had to scrape the car windows (time to think about clearing out the barn so I can get the car in there)
Cold enough to have just eaten a bowl of steaming porridge.

To be honest though, I don't need frost as an excuse for porridge. It is one of my favourite breakfasts and I have even been known to eat it in the middle of summer. I like mine with a spoonful of golden syrup, Simon prefers dark brown sugar. How do you eat yours?


  1. At the moment I am doing the Dukan Diet,so every morning I have a lovely bowl of Oatbran porridge with just a half a spoonful of sweetener, absolutely gorgeous and a lovely warming start to the farming day.

    We seem to be doing exactly the same things at the moment, I brought MY pumpkins off the picnic table (where they were drying off) into the kitchen last night and it's a good job I did, all the plants are withered by frost this morning and the few that are left on the plants will be of no use to use, but of great delight to the pigs!!

    Sue xx

  2. I'm off to check the garden now ..... I'll report back later.

  3. I had toast made from a loaf bought from the supermarket whilst I checked my emails on my iphone, reviewed my online banking position whilst also reading a particularly interesting chapter in my new kindle book 'Understanding Global Financial Markets'. All of this involved in staying indoors with the central heating on!

    N.B. no pumpkins were harmed in the making of this blog!


  4. What is this thing "Central Heating" of which you write?

  5. Did the same, here! Pumpkins moved from bench into store, woodburner lit (CH? won't go on until its bitter!)

    2 pairs of socks inside wellies as well..


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