Saturday, 23 October 2010

Another 52 in 2010 update

Posted by Rosie

With the boys already drawing up their Christmas list (words will be said to he who suggested this idea!) it dawned on me that 2010 is galloping fast towards 2011 and I must get on and cook some more new things if I have any chance of achieving my 52 new recipes in 2010. Today, with the boys and Simon on their way to England for a few days I have taken advantage of the peace and quiet and been searching for a few ideas. Keep watching the 50 in 2010 sidebar to see if I manage to actually cook any of them.

My last update got me to 27 - here goes with 28 to 37:

28. Apricot and Apple Tart - this was an adaptation of a recipe a friend made when staying in the gite - apricot compote and sliced apples in a puff pastry case.
29. Glamorgan Sausages - cheesy veggie sausages which, unlike other similar ones I have tried did NOT fall apart - and tasted very good too.
30. Sloe Gin - it's currently sitting on the side needing a few more weeks before it is ready to be tasted. It's a lovely colour.
31. Courgette Bahjis - cooked as a means of working my way through my courgette mountain - the trouble is I have no idea where I got the recipe from.
32. Marrow and Apricot Jam - more ways of dealing with the courgettes that became marrows - easy to make and as good on toast as on sponge puddings.
33. Fudge - a while ago I treated myself to a sugar thermometer and finally got round to using it for sweet making. It was a pity the recipe didn't mention how long it would take to reach the desired temperature (I was very nearly late collecting the boys) but I will forgive it this small omission as the resulting fudge was just like the proper fudge I had when I was a child - sweet, slightly crumbly and exceedingly more-ish.
34. Plum and Oatmeal Cake - made from the plums a friend gave me. Very tasty but nowhere near as big as the picture made it look!
35. Pear and Mascapone Tart - I got this one from a French cookery magazine I have taken to buying - good food and the chance to improve my French at the same time!
36. Vanilla Essence - Like the Sloe Gin, this one needs to mature for a while longer yet and at the moment it still smells a bit more of vodka than vanilla. Smells good though.
37. Bortsch - I came home from the Boy's School Autumn market with a bag of beetroot and whilst I have pickled some I decided soup was needed to warm through yesterday's chill. The colour alone would warm most people (especially as I used red cabbage and purple potatoes) and it must have been OK as my friend and Simon both had seconds. Real peasant food that does just what you want it to - taste good and warm you up.

So - quick calculation. I reckon there are 69 days left in 2010 and I have 15 recipes still to do. About 3 recipes a fortnight should just about do it then.

(If you want any of the recipes let me know and I'll do my best to find them for you)


  1. i was just updating my blog and I'm up to 34. i need to do more cooking.. oh dear!! :)

    maybe the courgette recipe was from me?

  2. I've found the recipe - in my bookmarks under recipes!! It's similar to yours and I now remember why I bought gram flour when I was in the UK!

  3. Sandra - I'm sure you'll manage a few more before the end of 2010 and anyway you have 19 new recipes under your belt - 4 of which are alcoholic :-)

  4. *4 of which are alcoholic :-)*

    You noticed. I thought if I typed it quickly no one would notice ;-)


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