Wednesday, 4 August 2010

No, not the Decontamination Unit in the veg patch .....

Posted by Rosie

... but the local Fire Brigade who came, dressed in very fetching rubber suits to clear not one, nor two but three wasp nests I had found in the veg patch. Apparently it is a bad (or good, depending on your viewpoint) year for wasps and those in the ground tend to be more aggressive than those with nests in trees.

Here in F
rance the local Fire Brigade will come and remove them for you free of charge so earlier today I phoned up and this evening they came and dug out the nests. It's a pity as wasps actually do a lot of good eating garden pests such as aphids but bearing in mind Simon, myself and Ben all react badly to wasp stings plus wasps and a gite are not a good combination I decided we needed to get these dealt with sooner rather than later. Let's hope we now remain a sting free summer.

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  1. EEk! Shame about the wasps but safety of yourselves and guests must come first.


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