Friday, 6 August 2010

Interesting Find

Posted by Simon

Last October - having been here two years - I was getting a measurement for some works in the attic and had to climb up on to an old timber cupboard and to my surprise found an old rifle.

It was in a very poor state but after some cleaning up we have found out it is a Mauser 98 - possibly a model 98K from the WW2 - Wikipedia Link. How long it had been up in the attic is anybody's guess.

So now we would like to know how it got here, is there any history to it or was it just found and hidden - interesting. I have been told that some children were 'evacuated' to Lenault from nearby villages that were more in the firing line and one of these children may know a little about this - so now we have more time we can follow this up and speak with this man. Maybe we'll glean some information and will let you know.


  1. Fascinating! I do hope you find out more about the rifle's history.

  2. It does make us wonder if there is a dead German buried somewhere in the garden!


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