Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Posted by Simon

Now these two kittens we have just got are supposed to be outside mouse hunting cats and I have already arranged their feeding to be outside and now ensure that they sleep in an outbuilding. But somehow they managed to get back in but only in the day and then they are thrown out at night.

So I was rather surprised last night when I went up to bed to find them sleeping curled up with Tom - looking very comfortable - as I had definitely put them out and, also, the door to upstairs was closed. So I took them back downstairs and out they go again.

Not long after I had gone to bed, quietly reading my book, I heard a meowing noise and a small thud. And there was two little cats coming in through our bedroom window. Great. They have discovered that they can get in the house by climbing the pear tree directly outside our bedroom window.

So on a hot night we had to sleep with the window closed and now another job has been added to my list - prune back pear tree. That will stump em.


  1. awww bless and they look so comfortable ;-)

  2. Don't bet on it - cats can grow wings.

  3. I agree with Jon - they'll find a way in somehow!!


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